Steel trade & sheet piling trade Austria

With over 40 years of experience and expertise, Hirnböck Stabau steel trading handles sheet pile walls, steel beams and steel pipes in varying quality, including used or II a products. We carry out complex welding tasks for reinforcing excavation trenches and deliver our own sealant, “Melavill”, produced by BMI Austria GmbH. Our wide range of services allows us to reliably meet your needs, even at short notice.


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Thanks to our company-specific merchandise management system, we are able to
to meet our customers’ wishes in a targeted manner.


Purchase - Rent - Repurchase

Short-term from stock (100,000t) or new production

Green Steel - used recyclable + 100 % recyclable

we deliver by ship/rail and truck just in time

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Project: „Campus Borromäum“


Project: Construction of (5 buildings for apartments/offices/shops incl. underground car park and new building for the Erzbischöfl. private grammar school)
Clients/project partners: Federal government, state, Archdiocese of Salzburg
Construction period: May 2021 to summer/autumn 2025
Delivery quantity: 348.801 tonnes of sheet piles, corner elements profile VL604, VL606, L= 6.0 – 11.0 m
3.882 to steel beams profile UNP/UPE200 DU, L = 4.0-11.6 m

New construction of flats and terraced houses


Project: New construction of 28 flats and 7 terraced houses
Property developer: Ten Brinke Group
Construction period: 2022-2024
Delivery quantity: 189.028 tonnes of sheet piles, profile VL604 and VL605 N,
lengths = 9.0 – 11.5 m

Housing estate with 48 flats

Project: Bau-Werk Projektentwicklung and Bauträger GmbH
Construction company: Kronbichler Bau
Quantity: 195.68 ton sheet piles, profile VL605A, VL605N

Working on an irrigation system

Municipality of San Prospero (MO)

Project: Work to redevelop the irrigation system of the Middle Plain – Municipality of San Prospero (MO)
Construction company: Quagliariello Infrastrutture S.r.l.
Quantity: 427.2 tonnes, VL602EB (S270GP), lengths 8.0m



Project: Dredging of storage space in the Inn near Kufstein

Client: Verbund AG, Vienna
Construction company: Ing. Hans Bodner BaugesmbH & Co KG, Kufstein

Main company: Engl GmbH, Schwoich
quantity: 175 tonnes sheet piles VL606A / 9 m long
Planned duration of operation: 4 years

Stabilization of the river bed of the river Gail


Project: Stabilization of the river bed of the river Gail near Dellach by the construction of a rock ramp (48m long)
Construction Company: Office of the state government of Carinthia
Amount: 131,211 to sheet piles profile VL602 – 6,0 to 7,0 m
Construction period: from Calendar week 25/2020 onwards