Interlock seal Melavill®

Bituminous hot sealing compound for sealing sheet piling interlocks

Melavill® is a special bitumen grout for sealing sheet pile wall interlocks prior to the driving or threading of the steel sheet piles, especially on sandy ground. The manufacturing process and self-monitoring are certified according to EN ISO 9001.

Product Features

Melavill® is a hot-workable hardened sealing compound. It is distinguished by its high-temperature stability. Melavill® has excellent adhesion to metal substrates. The mass is liquid, soft to viscous and hard, depending on the ambient temperature. Melavill® is harmless to the environment and can be used in drinking water protection zones. The bitumen grout does not contain any water-soluble or water-polluting substances and was classified by the Commission as a non-hazardous to water hazard class 0 for the assessment of water-endangering substances. (Umweltbundesamt, Bitumen, identification number 326)

Application and Processing

Melavill® is heated with the packaging in the suitable indirectly heated agitator boiler to max. 200° C, and potted into the interlocks by hand or with a lance. There is no packaging waste. After the mass has cooled, the sheet piles can be further processed. There the mass prevents the penetration of soil constituents into the sheet pile interlock and thus also the seizing up of the planks during the pile driving. Furthermore, the use of Mellavill SP reduces the interlock friction.

Consumption: approx. 0.25 to 0.5 kg/lm sheet pile interlock.
The sheet pile interlock has to be dry, clean and free of loose parts, free of grease, oil and dust. Overheated sealing compound should not be used further.

Processing temperature: from +5°C.
For cold temperatures we recommend the special additive Melavill Plus® to improve the viscosity of Melavill®

Storage instructions

The material must be protected from heat during storage.

Technical data

Density at 25°Cg/cm³1,02 – 1,05
Penetration approx.°C50
Softening point (ring and ball)°C85
Evaporation loss at 163°C, 5 hrs.%max. 0,5
Flashpoint°Cmin. 250
Deliveryin blocks of 20 kg each / 360kg/pallet

The figures are nominal values which are subject to statistical fluctuations. We reserve the right to make technical changes.
It is up to the user to assess the suitability of the product for the object and to ensure that he has the valid version of the data sheet.
Melavill® | Last update: August 2010

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Data sheet Melavill®
Bitumen hot grout for sealing sheet pile interlocks