Melavill Plus

Additive for improving the viscosity of Melavill SP

The Product

Melavill Plus is a special additive for improving the viscosity of the interlock seal Melavill SP at cold temperatures.

Product characteristics

Melavill Plus is a solid aggregate (granulate – fine to coarse) of the hot-workable, hardened potting compound Melavill SP The improved product properties of Melavill SP have a positive effect on the workability at cold temperatures and improve the lubricity for driving the sheet piling elements.

Application and Processing

Melavill Plus is added directly to the interlock seal Melavill SP, which is heated in the indirectly heated stirring boiler for max. 200 ° C., added in small amounts and stirred homogeneously with the potting compound. Overheated potting compound should no longer be processed.

The amount depends on the outside temperature:

  • over + 5°C : no additive necessary
  • from  0 °C : approx. 1,5 % ( =5kg ) per pallet Melavill SP
  • under 0 °C : approx. 3,0 % ( =10kg ) per pallet Melavill SP


Melavill Plus data sheet
Bitumen hot grout for sealing sheet pile interlocks