Sewer pipes with a diameter of 2 meters can now be handled with ALLROUND boxes. The newly developed MULTI- Adapter- Rail offers the possibility that a MULTI-BOX can be extended together with an extension-box to a through-height of 220 cm.

Through height 220 cm

Good news also for all those who rely on a higher throughput (for example, for laying canal pipes with larger diameters). Through a new development for the arrangement of the struts, ALLROUND has increased the maximum throughput height to 220 cm. The maximum width remains the same at 280 cm. This is made possible by a new adapter strip, which, bolted into the existing strut brackets, ensures the necessary pressure distribution even when the lowest strut is arranged higher. Sewer pipes up to 2 meters in diameter can now easily be laid up to a depth of four meters. The well-known user friendly policy of ALLROUND has, of course, been maintained: Existing systems are still usable and can be expanded with low acquisition costs and retrofitted for higher requirements.