With ALLROUND Trench Lining Systems, you are flexible, storage and transport desirable easy. Neither must the boxes be pre-assembled or stored in a space-saving manner, nor waste time or money during assembly or disassembly.

While others may be busy assembling, you are already starting with the actual work, the construction of the canal.

  • Plate-upper-edges
    reinforced by integrated protection rails
  • frame construction
    Extremely stable frame construction due to high steel quality
  • A-position
    Automatic A-position of the boxes by same length of the struts
  • Smooth surfaces
    of the box plates enable a simple excavation and dismantling due to lower adhesion friction and also enables the use of the boxes as external formwork for local concrete
  • Variable throughput heights
    for larger pipe diameters without loss of earth pressure
  • mobile cutting
    for retrofitting extension boxes to full fitted boxes